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The Mandarin Blueprint Method: Full Bundle - 3 Monthly Installments

Master 94% of Chinese by frequency.

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With this purchase, you'll gain lifetime access to:

Phase 1: Learn Chinese Characters Like a Memory Athlete

Phase 2: Use Mnemonics and Multi-Media Flashcards to Rapidly Acquire Vocabulary

Phase 3: Acquire Grammar Naturally By Reading Chinese (Without Pinyin Or English!)

Phase 4: Unlock Fully-Comprehensible Dialogues & Short Stories

Phase 5: Read Full-Length Graded Stories & Finish Building Your Foundation

Intermediate Course: Continue building characters, vocabulary, and grammar up to 94% coverage

🔹 Lifetime access

🔹 4,286 lessons

🔹 11,585 digital SRS flashcards with native audio (male and female)

🔹 Easy-to-use mobile app for access to course content on the go

🔹 Expert guidance from non-native speakers who have reached advanced fluency in Mandarin Chinese

🔹 Exclusive access to our support forum "The MB Community"

🔹 Battle-tested and patent-pending methods ONLY available here at MB

🔹 A weekly newsletter on Mandarin acquisition


Pronunciation Mastery (Free): Understand & Produce Every Mandarin Sound Like a Native Speaker

🔹 Everything you need to know to pronounce Mandarin like a native packed into 6 hours of HD video

🔹 Completely unique, super-engaging & effective learning system

🔹 Expert feedback on your pronunciation from Phil and Luke for FREE

🔹 231 video lessons

🔹 1000+ digital SRS flashcards with native audio

🔹 30+ assessments & 80+ PDFs

🔹 2 hours of bonus video on study techniques and motivation

🔹 All HSK 1 grammar covered 

After Completing These Courses, You Will:

✅ Be able to understand, read, write, and pronounce 1,530 common characters and 4,000 common words, making up approximately 94% of Chinese by frequency

✅ Be able to read (aloud, with awesome pronunciation) and understand the vast majority of beginner and intermediate-level Chinese reading & listening content without pinyin or English translation

✅ Be able to pass the HSK 4 (and acquire much of HSK 5 & 6 vocabulary)

✅ Have the knowledge, tools, and confidence to reach a high level of spoken fluency in Mandarin Chinese

✅ Master "The Hanzi Movie Method", allowing you to read, write, and pronounce any Chinese character in less than one minute

✅ Know how to learn Chinese words easily using mnemonics, images, and memories from your own life

✅ Understand, produce and read every sound in Mandarin Chinese accurately

✅ Produce all tones and tone pairs accurately

✅ Take part in a fantastic Mandarin-learning community

✅ Use the Spaced Repetition Software Anki, which has applications far beyond the scope of this course

✅ Type or text in Chinese

✅ Save a ton of time and money you would otherwise spend on classes and private tutors

✅ Avoid embarrassment when speaking

✅ Impress native speakers on a regular basis, as well as your friends and family

✅ Avoid the traps learners tend to fall into

✅ Get an overall "plan of attack" for your ENTIRE Chinese journey all the way to fluency 

No better way of acquiring Chinese. 

If you are in any way unsatisfied with your purchase, we'll rush your money back to you within 30 days, no questions asked.

See You On The Course!