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The Mandarin Blueprint Method Free Trial

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In this free trial you'll get sample lessons of each of the 5 phases of The Mandarin Blueprint Method, as well as all of our awesome bonus content and support community.  


Phase 1: Character Building 

Using our patent-pending mnemonic visualization system "The Hanzi Movie Method", you'll learn how to read, write and pronounce any Chinese character in a matter of seconds.

Phase 2: Vocabulary Building

As you speed-learn characters, you will “unlock” new words more and more often. As these new words become available, we guide you on how to acquire them quickly and easily by creating connections to them drawn from your personal memory banks.

Phase 3: Sentence Building

After you've built up a foundation of Chinese words, we will show you carefully crafted sentences that almost exclusively contain characters and words you have already learned. By following this step-by-step process, you will be reading and understanding Chinese in a matter of hours.

Phase 4: Paragraph Building

Now things really start to get fun! On top of sentences, you'll start unlocking entire paragraphs filled with conversations and opinions, all of which you'll be able to read and understand without help! This deeper, more engaging context makes learning grammar an enjoyable and natural process, instead of a mind-numbing slog through a series of textbooks.

Phase 5: Story Building

In this final phase, we'll start introducing popular stories created by our native Chinese writers. Once again, these are expertly designed using words and characters you have already learned.  By reading and listening to all of this content daily, you'll find your Mandarin skills increasing faster than you ever thought possible!

See you on the course!