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Legends of Language Learning

We love language learning.

It's only natural, therefore, that we are HUGE FANS of people who promote language learning and make it easier and more enjoyable for others.

We got this crazy idea that maybe these folks would be willing to share their wisdom with us

So we interviewed them. And we'll continue to do so. We're not exactly the first people to interview language experts on podcasts, but...

Podcasts aren't enough.

Yeah, there are a million podcasts out there that go in and out of your downloads folder, and they're full of gold, but they aren't organized. If you didn't notice the podcast when it came out, chances are that it's lost forever in the ephemeral ether of the internet.

No Longer! This course is evergreen and growing

We wanted to make a warehouse of the answers to questions that every language learner encounters all in one place and organized by topic.

We cover:

  • Motivation & Big Picture
    • Is language learning hard? Why learn another language at all? Is it worth it? How do you manage your time? Your attention? All of these questions and more!

  • Studying
    • How should you study words? Chinese characters? Grammar? How should you balance listening, speaking, writing, and reading? How should you use flashcards? What's the best way to work with a tutor?

  • Immersion
    • What's the #1 quality you need for immersion? How do you set coherent goals and level up? How should you balance active study and immersion?

  • Output: Speaking & Writing
    • Should you speak from Day 1? How do you build confidence to speak? What is a "language parent" and what's the best way to handle that relationship?

  • Mandarin Chinese Specific Topics (we might be biased on this one 对不起)
    • What makes Chinese different than other languages? What makes it the same? What's the significance of Chinese characters? Chinese tones? What makes Chinese easy?

  • China: History & Culture
    • Does China really have 5,000 years of history? What was China's "Reform & Opening Up"? Why pay attention to China? What is it like to live in China?
  • Resources for Language Learning
    • The awesome projects our interviewees are working on, explained straight from the horse's mouth. 

But it doesn't end here

Each time we interview a new LEGEND, we'll let you know now and add it to the course. This will be your bank of language acquisition wisdom, and you can participate, too.

It's Interactive

If you have any questions or want to share additional wisdom, leave a comment on any of the lessons. We may even use your comment to big up your brilliance on our bi-weekly podcast: The Mandarin Blueprint Podcast

But heck Luke and Phil, how should I use this course?

That's easy, just follow your interest. No need to go in order, and feel free to skip entire sections. We built the course to answer most of the questions of most people, but there's no way 100% of it applies to you. Jump around and enjoy!

This course includes 9 articles about language learning that we'll send to your inbox over 9 days. We may also send you offers about our paid products from time to time.