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The Mandarin Blueprint Method is a completely unique, groundbreaking video curriculum that guides you step-by-step from zero to authentic proficiency in Chinese.


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Lifetime access to The Mandarin Blueprint Method Full Bundle, including all 4,527 lessons, bonuses, and training materials


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“There MUST be a better way to learn this language”

Whether you’ve been trying to learn Chinese for a few hours or a few years, you’ve probably thought this to yourself by now. 

I did, often.

Perhaps, like me, you also thought:


“I have no idea where to start with Chinese”


“I’ll never remember all those characters. Forget learning to read, I’ll get by without that”


“I’ll never get the hang of these tones, I’ve got no ear for it”


“I’m forgetting so much of what I’ve learned"


"I’ve already invested a lot of time and I’ve got nothing to show for it”


“This tutor seems nice, but she’s expensive and I don’t feel like our sessions are going anywhere


“Is this app actually working? It pretty fun to use but it’s been months now and I’m not sure if I’m making any real progress”


“Even if I could find a way that works, I don’t have enough spare time to actually get good at this language in less than 5-10 years anyway”


Screw it. Only native speakers or total nerds who devote their entire lives to Chinese can achieve fluency. I’ll learn Spanish instead


These are thoughts that every Mandarin learner has at one time or another.

But it’s okay, because I’m Mandarin learning expert and I can tell you something for a fact right now:


NONE of this is your fault and you do NOT suck at languages.


You’re finding it so hard simply because the vast majority of Mandarin learning resources are doing it wrong.

Not just a little wrong, completely, 100%, flat-out, “what were you thinking?!” WRONG 

Here’s how:

5 reasons your chances of reaching Mandarin fluency and literacy are being destroyed:


  1. You will receive poor (or NO) pronunciation training. Any “training” you do get will be a native speaker saying “nope, try again” repeatedly because they don’t know what a non-native speaker needs to do with their tongue and lips to make the tough Mandarin sounds.

    RESULT: You develop HUGE gaps in your understanding of Mandarin. Gaps grow and grow, gutting your progress and leading to you being misunderstood constantly.

  2. You’ll learn characters and words (in no particular order) by forcing them into your head through blind repetition, or (more likely) your tutor/app/textbook will skip characters entirely through fear of boring you to death and losing a customer.

    RESULT: Without characters you can’t read, and reading is without a doubt the fastest way of acquiring any language. More on this later.

  3. You’ll be thrust into reading texts and having conversations without a basis for truly understanding what you're looking at or trying to say.

    RESULT: You feel embarrassed regularly, stressed out, and your confidence and motivation plummet.

  4. They’ll make you learn grammar by studying grammar points or “equations” as I like to call them. This is NOT how you learned grammar for your native language, and it sure isn’t how to learn it for Mandarin.

    RESULT: You end up learning how grammar works without actually acquiring it. When you need to actually use the language, it won't be there for you.

  5. After all of this stress and hard work, you'll likely forget everything you "learned" in a short period of time because you have no solid foundation for the information to stick to and no reliable way to review.

    RESULT: Without this foundation, you are doomed to forget everything quickly and HATE the learning process.

With all of this, it’s not surprising that 95% of Mandarin learners never make it past beginner level. 


That’s right. 95% of learners end their journey with Chinese right here. Beaten down. Defeated.


The remaining 5% who succeed? They (eventually) do so in two different ways…

1. Most push on through using the soul-crushing resources available to them, stubbornly crawling their way to the top of the mountain…

2. The remaining few focus on finding that better way they know instinctively is out there.


I’m Luke, and I, along with my friend Phil, were in this tiny minority of people.


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Luke Neale & Phil Crimmins

We both failed at learning Chinese in every way imaginable...


...both wasting thousands of hours and thousands of dollars on everything under the sun to get better at Chinese, and none of it really worked.

I felt like a fraud. Afraid to admit to my family and friends just how much time I had invested, and how little I had to show for it. 

Luckily they would never know any better…

My Chinese friends, however, knew exactly how bad I was.

When I tried to babble a phrase in conversation with painfully bad grammar, the response from them would be to either smile awkwardly or to flat-out giggle and point! 

I spent 3-4 hours a day using a variety of apps website, textbooks, and tutors.


But no matter how much time and effort went into my Chinese skill, I just kept going round in circles with nothing to show for it. 


I would have to go through the same humiliation time and time again. 

When it came to crunch time and I had to actually speak Chinese to Chinese people…they would reply in English so as not to endure the gobbledy goop that was spewing out of my mouth.

And so it went on for almost 18 months...

That was until Phil and I (finally) began looking into top linguistic research and the habits of professional language learners

….and discovered a far superior series of methods for acquiring Mandarin.

All based around the number one law of language learning, which we’ll share with you shortly.


Within 6 months, we went from almost quitting, to officially literate and fluent in Chinese, and both passed the highest level Chinese Exam in 25% of the average time.


And that's with almost completely wasting an entire year doing it wrong!

My now-wife was sitting next to me when I read my exam results.

She can tell you that I KNEW I wasn’t going to pass and said so repeatedly. I was merely curious to see how close I could get.

I had never excelled (or cared to excel) at anything in school, so why would this be any different now?

“There’s no way I can go from completely illiterate and struggling to form simple sentences to passing this ridiculously difficult exam in 6 months”, I said.

But I did. Phil and I both did. 

I had never felt such a feeling of pride and self-worth in that moment.

And it was that moment when I knew we had to share what we had learned with the world.

What did we discover that made such a huge difference over such a short time?

We Discovered the secret of language learning:


According to the most cited and rigorously tested linguistic research, and polyglots around the world, we humans don’t learn languages consciously by looking at grammar equations, sitting exams, or reviewing the same information over and over again until it’s burned into our brain. 

We learn language subconsciously, by listening to and reading content we can understand.


The language learning professionals call this “getting comprehensible input

You see, our brains all have this magical “language module” that makes us all language acquisition wizards. 

It naturally “figures out” patterns in new languages, providing we have enough foundational knowledge to get the message of what is being said.

As long as your brain gets the right input, you can just sit back and experience breakthrough after breakthrough.

Don’t believe me? You learned your native language in the same way. 

By feeding your language module gradually more complex comprehensible content over time, from repeating the word "mama" to reading "Charlotte's Web".

To master Chinese, you simply need to do the same.

Once you start reading and listening to Chinese daily, your language module will get to work, and your ability to understand and use the language will improve exponentially.


“What a fascinating revelation, thank you. I’ll just head off and start reading & listening to Chinese now. See ya!”


Woah, hold on there!

Despite learning the secret to acquiring Chinese you still have a monumental challenge ahead of you:

Learning how to read.

How the heck are you supposed to go from zero to reading and listening to Chinese content with ease?

This is where Chinese get’s its reputation for being the “hardest language in the world”. 

It’s not that Chinese itself is hard, it just has a completely overwhelming writing system to overcome before it becomes easy.

And you’ll be out of luck if you try and learn how to read the old-fashioned way because nobody seems to know how to teach the writing system effectively at all.

This is were we come in.


Finally, a solution for language learners who want to reach literacy and fluency in Mandarin Chinese FAST.  


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Start Learning Now

We take you by the hand through a 4,500-lesson, patent-pending order of Characters, words, sentences and long-form content, teaching you how to read and understand 94% of Chinese by frequency.


As your skills improve, you’ll feed your brain Mandarin content of increasing complexity, from simple sentences to full stories. 

Unlike traditional methods, everything you learn on your journey with us is perfectly suited to your level, and you’ll never feel lost or frustrated.


You’ll finally be able to simply sit back and trust the learning process 100%, without any doubt that it’s working.


This is not just a video course you will use for a few hours to give you some dopamine hits and the illusion of progress.


This is an entire curriculum from zero to awesome, with two experienced coaches guiding you every step of the way.


Phil and I tried every. single. thing out there to learn Chinese.

We built this curriculum by taking what worked, removing what didn’t (which was most of it), and adding a bunch of our own innovations.  

We designed it to be as simple as an Ikea flat pack. 


All you need to do is watch the videos, follow the clear instructions, and you’ll learn Chinese faster and easier than you could ever imagine. 


Oh, and you’ll have a ton of fun along the way. 

Like ridiculous amounts of fun

Luke Neale

Luke struggled early on with traditional learning methods and very quickly sought after more effective techniques online. Eventually, through a lot of trial and error, found far better ways of acquiring Chinese, using various tools and memory techniques.

Luke's strength is his native-like pronunciation; having placed a strong focus on it early on.

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Phil Crimmins

In Spring 2017, Phil graduated from Sichuan University with a bachelor’s degree in the Chinese language, and he was also awarded an “Outstanding Thesis Award” for his dissertation titled “Chinese Acquisition Methods from the Perspective of a Mandarin Learner.”

Phil’s strength in Mandarin is reading and writing; having started his study with a heavy focus on Chinese characters.

Get Mandarin training from the people who truly understand the language learning process


And who learned to speak Mandarin like this:

The curriculum you’ll follow was invented by Luke Neale and Phil Crimmins, two advanced Mandarin speakers with a combined 20-years of experience learning and teaching Chinese.

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"Luke and Phil are absolute stars"

Busy with the Mandarin Blueprint course and loving it. The course is fantastic and Luke and Phil are absolute stars in terms of guiding people, answering questions, and just in general over-delivering on everything.

Christine Anderssen

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"It's tricky to give Mandarin Blueprint the praise it deserves without sounding like a fake review"

Luke and Phil are great instructors. You can trust that the system works because they've used it themselves to go from being native English speakers to fluent Mandarin speakers. It's tricky to give Mandarin Blueprint the praise it deserves without sounding like a fake review. I'd genuinely recommend it more strongly than anything else I've ever paid for.

Dom Thomson


Here’s just some of what you’ll be able to do if you invest 1-2 hours a day into The Mandarin Blueprint Method:

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Pronounce every Mandarin syllable accurately (even like a native) in just a few hours

Placeholder Image

Read, write, and pronounce any Chinese Characters in seconds using the proven techniques of world-class memory athletes.

Placeholder Image

Go from zero knowledge to reading Chinese sentences without any help from English translations in weeks.

Placeholder Image

Read and listen to native content, such as books, comics TV shows, podcasts, and movies after 6-12 months.

Placeholder Image

Become conversationally fluent in 6 months, and communicate smoothly on a wide range of topics in 12 months, from zero level.

Placeholder Image

Become a completely independent mandarin learner after 12 months, able to fly the nest and follow your interests by consuming whatever Chinese content you love to continue perfecting your skills over a lifetime.

What’s Inside The Mandarin Blueprint Method

The Mandarin Blueprint Method consists of two major sections:

Foundation and Intermediate

Placeholder Image

The foundation section consists of 6 unique phases intricately designed to get you to an 80% understanding of Mandarin as quickly as possible.


Each phase focuses on a key element of Mandarin and builds seamlessly upon one another in a fool-proof, step-by-step learning experience.


Just like leveling up inside a video game, you graduate from pronunciation, to character components, to characters, to words, to sentences, to paragraphs, and eventually to full stories. 

Once you complete the foundation course (phases 1-5), you will be able to understand and use 600 common characters and 1,000 common words, or 80% of Mandarin Chinese by frequency.


Placeholder Image


You’ll then be ready for the intermediate course, another 2000 lessons that will get you to 1,500 characters and 4,000 words, or 94% coverage of the language.

Together, the 6 phases of the foundation section and the intermediate course form the "Full Bundle".


Let’s dive into each phase of the course...


Pronunciation Mastery

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Everything You Need To Know about Mandarin pronunciation Packed Into 6 Hours Of Video


In 6 short hours, this mini-course will help you start producing, understanding, and reading every Mandarin syllable like a native speaker. Your journey to fluency starts here, laying the foundation for the coming phases in the curriculum.

Focusing on pronunciation first is like crawling before you walk, and just as essential.

Here’s what happens when you get our awesome pronunciation training early on:

Placeholder Image

1. Gain confidence and motivation

Success breeds motivation. Being understood by native speakers and understanding them successfully provides that dopamine rush that will spur you on in your learning. Its a virtuous circle of confidence —> speaking more —> improving faster —> more confidence.

Placeholder Image

2. Communicate more effectively

Did you know that pronunciation is far more important than grammar early on? Even with a limited vocabulary, you can still communicate well as long as you pronounce the words properly.

Placeholder Image

3. WOW Native Speakers

An incredible accent will not only get you lots of compliments, but it also immediately makes people more responsive to you, which in turn increases your likelihood of meaningful interactions, as well as...

Placeholder Image

4. Open up opportunities

Great pronunciation leaves a deep impression on the people you speak to that can positively influence areas such as your career, finances, and personal relationships

Placeholder Image

5. Boost Your Listening

Because of the exposure you've had to every sound of Chinese, you will be able to identify the words you hear more accurately straight away, reinforcing your grammar and vocabulary along the way.

Placeholder Image

6. Read & Write Faster

Connecting the sounds of Chinese to their written "pinyin" spelling will allow you to read and type Chinese. Guess what happens when you start reading, writing and listening regularly?...

Placeholder Image

7. Reach fluency MUCH Faster

All of these wonderful benefits mean that you will be able to identify words you hear and read FAR more accurately. Just as a flutter of butterfly wings in the east can cause a tidal wave in the west, solid pronunciation early on will start a chain reaction that will get you to fluency a lot faster, and with less stress along the way.




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"As native English speakers who have learned Chinese, they have figured out what works (and what doesn't.)"

I was a bit skeptical when my wife first told me about a Chinese-language course by non-native Chinese speakers. There was no need to be skeptical. These two really know what they're doing. The pronunciation course over-delivered on value, from the production value to the bite-sized lessons, to the top quality instruction. As native English speakers who have learned Chinese, they have figured out what works (and what doesn't.) Very impressive!

Scott Swanson

Placeholder Image

"Taxi drivers, cafe
baristas and friends are understanding everything I say"

I am just finishing 6-weeks of travel in China and (for the first time) there have been no misunderstanding; taxi drivers, cafe baristas and friends are understanding everything I say. It’s really a great feeling to order something or hop in a cab and have them understand you without politely asking you “what?” or saying “just show me the map”. Thank you, Luke & Phil

Peter McGill

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"Luke's demonstrations and explanations were nothing short of amazing!"

Luke is such a good teacher - my native speaker tutor couldn't help me much with how to pronounce the sounds or explain why things were the way they are in Chinese.  But Luke's demonstrations and explanations were nothing short of amazing!

And Phil's cheering and advice at the end of each unit are just awesome.  He really gets to the motivation and the mindset of learning.

Thanks, Phil and Luke - you guys are outstanding.

Bill Greene


Components & Characters

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Learn Any Chinese Character in Under a Minute


We don’t shy away from teaching characters like other methods. Instead, you’ll jump in with both feet and conquer the most challenging part of the language head-on.


The “Hanzi Movie Method” makes learning characters fun and easy. Master the characters, read faster, and reach fluency in record time.


By applying the mnemonic visualization techniques of world memory champions to Chinese characters we’ve made them fun for you to learn, and easy for your brain to process. 


Here’s how we do it:

Placeholder Image

Step 1:
Choose Objects to Represent Character Components

Each character is made up of components. We’ll show you how to associate every component with an object it relates to. We call these “props”.

Placeholder Image

Step 2:
Choose people from your life to represent the pinyin initials

Real people or fictional characters you know well will play the role of the beginnings of Chinese syllables (e.g. W, Zh, Yi, etc.). We call these “actors”.

Placeholder Image

Step 3:
Choose buildings you know to represent the pinyin finals

By associating the “pinyin finals” (e.g. -eng, -ou, -ang) with places you know well, you’ll easily be able to recall the correct one instantly when looking at a character. We call these “sets”.

Placeholder Image

Step 4:
Use rooms to represent the five tones

Outside the entrance represents the first tone, the hallway or kitchen are the second tone, bedrooms or living room are the third tone, the bathroom and backyard are the fourth tone, and the fifth tone is on the roof.

Placeholder Image

Step 5:
Shoot a Movie Scene in Your Mind to Remember any Character Forever

You have your actors on set, and they have their props. Action! Make the actor interact with the props in a way that represents the meaning of the character. You can follow our many example movie scenes or create your own in seconds.


No more hours and weeks of rote memorization. Take a quick minute to shoot a movie scene in your mind and you’ll never forget this character again. 


Here’s a sample from the course. Learn a Chinese character right now:


Voila! This movie scene is done, the character is learned, and you’re ready to move onto the next one.


Why you’ll love the Hanzi Movie Method:


It works - However bad you think your imagination or memory is, you will still be able to recall characters with staggering accuracy (and ease).

It’s fast - You can learn how to read, write, and pronounce any new character in less than a minute. Most members can learn 30-60 new characters an hour (and remember them all).

It’s fun - Your friends and loved ones will be actors performing crazy stunts packed with special effects in buildings from your life. Creating these movies is like a superpower, and it’s a BLAST.

Placeholder Image

"Before this course, I couldn't write a single character. Now I can write 1,530!"

Before this course, I couldn't write a single character. Now I can write 1,530! I know the pronunciation, tones, and meaning for all these characters.

Mason Royal

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"I'm done with hop-skipping- and-jumping through video-based programs, trying to figure out where the heck I am!"

I'm so happy to have a way to integrate tones, characters, and pinyin together! I also love how linear your approach is. I'm done with hop-skipping and jumping through video-based programs, trying to figure out where the heck I am!

Carla Sanders

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"I can now not only memorize characters within 30 seconds, but I can also recall characters I learned two months ago perfectly clearly"

Mandarin Blueprint has opened the doors to me feeling like Chinese is something that I can finally master! I had a year of traditional university schooling for Chinese before finding Mandarin Blueprint and the Hanzi Movie Method, and I remember it taking me hours to try and memorize just a few characters, and most times I would forget them the next day anyway. Using the Hanzi Movie method, I can now not only memorize characters within 30 seconds, but I can also recall characters I learned two months ago perfectly clearly. I would highly recommend Mandarin Blueprint to anyone looking to learn Chinese, and even if you already know it decently well, this method is a life-changer when it comes to memorizing characters! Phil and Luke, thank you so much!

Georgia Swanson



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Hack Vocabulary Using Mnemonics and Multi-Media Flashcards


As you continue to breeze through our intuitively designed order of common characters, you will begin to unlock new compound words that are not only very high frequency, but also made up only of characters you have learned at that point.

You will learn how to create vivid mnemonic links to new words by associating them with your own life experience.

This is all enhanced by awesome flashcards with native audio and images you choose that resonate with you.

Want to see this mnemonic creation in action?

Here’s a sneak peek:

Placeholder Image

"I’ve learned more that I know will “stick” in the few months of doing Mandarin Blueprint than in two years of study before."

I’ve learned more that I know will “stick” in the few months of doing Mandarin Blueprint than in two years of study before. To be honest, I was skeptical of all your ads and videos talking about how great the method is because, as a musician and entrepreneur, I deal a lot with advertisements and sales. I thought it was all talk – but y’all have come through on every promise about success and progress. I’m sorry to have doubted because my Chinese is improving so much.

Jeffrey Herzog

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"I genuinely look forward to this, each day"

My husband is Chinese, and he’s very impressed that it’s possible for us learners to memorize in weeks what took him several years to get right, at school! I genuinely look forward to this, each day.

Julia Chen

Placeholder Image

"Awesome, Awesome, Awesome course!"

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome course! I’ve tried many other methods out there, but I have made more progress in the past 6 weeks using the Mandarin Blueprint Method than I made in the previous year with other courses.

Paul Forbes


Graded Reading & Listening

Placeholder Image

Acquire Grammar Naturally Through Comprehensible Input


Start consuming sentences, dialogues, and stories with ease & finish building your foundation

As you continue to build your foundation of common components, characters, and words, you will start to see example sentences and longer-form content made up of words you already know.

Usually, understanding content of this level in Chinese without the help of translation can take years. 


With The Mandarin Blueprint Method, it is now possible to go from zero to consuming entire stories in just a few months, even weeks.


By reading and listening to fully comprehensible content, you will find your grammar improving in the fastest and most natural way possible. You will begin to think and feel in Chinese. 

No need for dictionaries, no backtracking, and most importantly no wrong turns.


Fully comprehend, read (aloud), and even write all of this in just a few months (even weeks):


You can download ALL of this long-form content as video, audio, and text so you can review on the go, offline.

Placeholder Image

"The memory tricks you learn make you feel like you've gained a super power"

I can't say enough good things about this program. The Mandarin Blueprint Method takes the incredible challenge of knowing how to study, what to study, and when to study Mandarin Chinese and streamlines the curriculum in a way that guarantees not only progress, but retention. You also know that the order in which you're learning characters and words gives you the most return for your time. You do have to put the work in, and show up every day, but as long as you stay consistent you will progress at Mandarin, at whatever speed you have the time for. The course is fun, rewarding, and the memory tricks you learn to make you feel like you've gained a superpower. More than that, this course sets you up with the skills you need to continue learning beyond the curriculum, which many courses fail to do. That's why the keyword here is METHOD--by the end of the Foundation course, you will have all the tools you need to continue absorbing the language, even if you don't move on to the intermediate course. Luke and Phil are highly responsive to questions and are continually working to improve the course.

You'll be amazed at how well you can read Mandarin Chinese after just a few months of work. Worth every penny, and then some.

Robert Carver

OCLO: Your Cheat Code for Mandarin Chinese


Optimal Character Learning Order (OCLO) is a patent-pending sequence we devised based on analysis of billions of Chinese characters that systemizes your journey to literacy and fluency completely, at every layer of the Chinese language. It is the “no wrong turns” secret sauce of Mandarin Chinese.

Follow the Optimal Character Learning Order (OCLO) to learn the most useful characters and words first.

OCLO ensures you’re only exposed to words you know the characters for.

As you learn more characters, you unlock more words.

The best part about OCLO? Every time you learn anything with us, you use it immediately to unlock a new part of Chinese.

Placeholder Image
Placeholder Image


Every new component, character, word, sentence, or article is arranged perfectly to appear at just the right time.

Other methods always try to teach you things you aren’t ready for, which is the main reason why it’s so boring and frustrating…

With our system, you only learn something when you’re ready to see it.

You don't see a new character until you have a firm grasp of pronunciation and the character components that create it.

You don't learn a word until you know every character that creates it.

You won't see a sentence, paragraph, or story until you know the characters and words used within them.

Pretty soon you have an arsenal of words and phrases you can understand and use to full effect.

Plus, because you have a deep understanding of everything you learn, you’ll remember it all so much easier. 

All of this provides a wonderful feeling of clarity from start to finish.

You’ll never get that awful feeling of “is this actually working?”, or “is this really what I need to learn right now?” that are so prevalent with other methods. 

You’ll only have that feeling of "I get this. This is going to work, as long as I show up and put in some time every day”. 

Our Guarantee

Take 30 days to test, learn, and impress your Chinese friends.

It takes the average classroom student 2 YEARS (full time) just to get to HSK 4 basic vocabulary and grammar.

With the Mandarin Blueprint Method, you can get the same results in 25% of the time at just an hour or two per day.

This means that you don’t have to wait years before kinda, sorta, seeing some improvement.

Most Mandarin Blueprint users see a significant improvement to their pronunciation in just 6 hours.

They can efficiently use mind palaces to read, write, and pronounce over 100 Chinese characters easily after 25 hours.

Our members can typically start reading and writing entire sentences after just 50 hours.

With consistent effort, they can start speaking Mandarin fluently in just 6 months.

If these figures are correct, you should certainly be able to see results in 30 days if you invest some time each day, right? So...


Take 4 weeks to test Mandarin Blueprint to your heart’s content.


Test every feature, watch every lesson, try every exercise.

Don’t commit fully until you’re convinced Mandarin Blueprint is right for you, and the above achievements are truly possible.


And if (for any reason or no reason) you don’t feel like the course is for you, simply email us within 30 days and we’ll send back every dollar.


No awkward arm twisting or jumping through hoops. We’ll thank you for giving us a fair shot and let you go on your way.

Placeholder Image

Gain Full Access
to All of This

Master 94% of Mandarin Chinese by Frequency

Placeholder Image

4,527 lessons (and growing)

Placeholder Image

1,220 videos (and growing)

Placeholder Image

11,585 Flashcards (with native audio)

Placeholder Image

Pronunciation Mastery

Understand & Produce Every Mandarin Sound Like a Native Speaker

Placeholder Image

Characters & Components

Learn Any Chinese Character in Under a Minute

Placeholder Image


Hack Vocabulary Using Mnemonics and Multi-Media Flashcards

Placeholder Image

Simple Grammar

Acquire Grammar Naturally By Reading Chinese (Without Pinyin Or English!)

Placeholder Image

Graded Reading

Unlock Fully-Comprehensible Dialogues & Short Stories

Placeholder Image


Read Full-Length Graded Stories & Finish Your Foundation

Placeholder Image

Intermediate Course

Continue building characters, vocabulary, and grammar up to 94% coverage


Free Coaching Interviews - $497 Value

We love all of our MB members, but we have a special place for those who invest enough time in our course to complete it. 

We’ll get in touch to set up 30-60-minute interviews with you at two key stages: 1) Once you complete the foundation course and 2) the intermediate course.

This is not only our chance to get to know you and get crucial feedback on your experience with us, it’s also a chance for you to ask us any questions you have about climbing the Mandarin mountain. 

We have a whole library filled with these interviews, and it’s growing every week. Here’s an example of the kind of thing we talk about:

Free pronunciation feedback from Luke and Phil - $297 value

Once you make it past Phase 4 of the course, you’ll be able to start reading Chinese out loud, imitating the audio as closely as possible. This is called “shadowing” and it’s unbelievably effective at honing all aspects your Mandarin skill. 

We encourage you to send us recordings of yourself, and we’ll critique your pronunciation for you FOR FREE, just like with Darci’s example reading in the video.

Direct email access to Luke & Phil for Life - $297 value

We both read and answer every single email or course comment personally, often with a video or screen recording for clarity. 

These video responses have now formed a video FAQ consisting of over 300 detailed answers. Take a look at the video for an example.

Placeholder Image

Exclusive Access to The MB Community forum - $197 value

We’re always available to help, but sometimes it helps to hear from someone who’s facing the same challenges.

So you know you're not alone, and that you can overcome whatever you're facing...

...and to see unorthodox solutions that others at your level have figured out.

Ask questions or share resources, not just to Phil and me, but to thousands of our incredible members too.

Placeholder Image

Weekly Podcast

We answer all emails and comments by addressing them in the Q&A portion of our weekly podcast. We then reply to everyone with a video clip of us answering their question, creating a super-personal service for all of our users. We also like to share fascinating insights into the Chinese language and culture.

Weekly Interactive Video Podcast - $97 Value

We also address many emails and comments each week in the Q&A portion of our video podcast. We then reply to everyone with a time-stamped link of us answering their question, creating a super-personal service for all of our users. 

These clips will often become new content for the course itself

Whether it’s a technical issue, an question about Chinese grammar, or you just need some advice, we’re there for you for life.

We take this far more seriously than your average course instructor because we aren’t just here to make a quick buck. 

We’re in this for the long-haul and we genuinely care about your success with this language.

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Downloadable resources
$197 value

Throughout the entire course you’ll find hundreds of downloadable resources for studying on the go, including:


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Listening Immersion Packs

Download hundreds of pieces of long-form content and thousands of sentences perfectly suited to your level for listening immersion and shadowing practice on the go

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70+ files packed with information and visuals from the course content for quick and convenient reviewing.

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Long-Form Text-Tracking Videos

Any long-form content you unlock in the course will be completely downloadable with native male and female audio and text tracking.

Other Bonus Content
$97 value

As if all of this wasn’t enough, we’ve created a ton of extra content to keep you informed and motivated, including: 

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Video Guides

When it comes to learning Chinese, our knowledge isn’t just limited to language itself, and we want you to feel the full advantage of that. We’ve made hours of extra video to share with you our favorite study techniques, including shadowing, sentence mining, practicing with tutors, managin your time effectively, stayingn motivated, and muchmore.


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500+ Grammar articles & videos

Although we know for a fact that you only truly acquire grammar through listening and reading, it’s still nice to get clear, succint, and entertaining explanations of how Chinese works to give you a head start towards grasping the various concepts.

You’ll find this huge list of videos and articles in the course sidebar, all using example sentences from the course itself to make things crystal clear. 

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User-generated content

Currently, there are over 20,000 member comments on the course, 5,000 of which are ideas to help you progress faster. Our wonderful MB community are constantly posting mnemonic ideas for learning components, characters, and words, as well as inspirational words of motivation to keep you going.

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While the majority of your testing will be done with your daily flashcard reviews, quizzes are still really fun and effective way of grading yourself. We’ve peppered 30+ multiple choice quizzes throughout the course for you to complete when you’re ready.

Total Bonus Value:


Choose Your Plan



Lifetime access to The Mandarin Blueprint Method Full Bundle, including all 4,527 lessons, bonuses, and training materials


A Single Payment of:



Start Learning



Full access to The Mandarin Blueprint Method Full Bundle for the length of your subscription


A Monthly Subscription of:




Start Learning



Lifetime access to The Mandarin Blueprint Method Full Bundle, including all 4,527 lessons, bonuses, and training materials


12 Monthly Payments of:



Start Learning
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30-Day Guarantee

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Smart Questions People Like You Ask Before Joining MB

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"This is NOT a click and buy 'you're on your own now' type course. This is interactive, with people who want to learn, bridge cultural gaps, and excel"

Thinking about learning Mandarin? THIS IS HOW. 

TL;DR - It's FUN. Seriously, I was prepared to put in hours of work, but it's not even work! I ENJOY it. Encouragement, fun, even with the tricky bits of reading and writing in Mandarin - you won't regret it. 

Luke and Phil went 100 miles further than I thought you could do with language with a seemingly simplistic model that has so much research behind it, I'm still amazed it's not standard practice. And they've taken all the guesswork out, set you up to learn in the most efficient way possible by building from high-frequency characters, building vocabulary, and COMPREHENSION until you are reading Chinese characters in sentences with just over 100 characters. 

And I ENJOY doing it! It's entertaining and memorable, and even when my memory slips a bit, I've got an app that logs it for me to bring me back up to speed. I don't even have to worry about studying! The pressure is off - I can do more if I want to - but it's not necessary. But by then you're so hooked, you want to.

Every step of the way, Phil and Luke are there to cheer on your progress, help you get perspective when you feel fatigued, answer questions as they come up. The community and Q&A on this is really an outstanding feature, not praised enough. This is NOT a click and buy 'you're on your own now' type course. This is interactive, with people who want to learn, bridge cultural gaps, and excel. These guys are excited about sharing this language and culture with you and it shows. 

I was prepared for disappointment. Instead, this is probably one of the best decisions I've made and I can see my goal in sight - attaining working fluency in Chinese. Excellent work. 

Stephanie Arapian

Video Testimonials

Sure, acquiring Chinese ridiculously fast is the biggest reason for joining Mandarin Blueprint

But you'll end up with so much more.

From the moment you watch your first video, you’ll notice the biggest change in:

Your confidence.

Once you notice you can recall how to read, write, and pronounce (like a native speaker) every character and word you learn…

Once you read your first Chinese sentence without any help whatsoever…

Once you start to understand Chinese movies, books, podcasts, and tv shows…

Once you find yourself able to say things you never thought you’d be able to say in a language you once judged “impossible to learn”…

You’ll know that you aren’t bad at languages.

In fact, you are a language learning MACHINE. 

We all are.

You’ll KNOW that you have the ability to dive into any other language and any other skill you have on your bucket list. 

Heck, you’ll probably add a bunch more!

The bottom line is:

If you want true proficiency in Chinese and want to get there easily and efficiently, The Mandarin Blueprint method is the way to go.

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"I can't imagine a better system"

I cannot recommend Mandarin Blueprint highly enough. My pronunciation has improved, and I'm still in disbelief that, whereas before I couldn't write but a handful of characters, I can now write close to 600.

Phil and Luke are great teachers and their method for learning Chinese really works. I can't imagine a better system. It's been a wonderful journey so far, and I look forward to continuing as I will be starting the Intermediate Course next.

If you are interested at all in learning Chinese, I encourage you to give their method a try. It really is amazing.

Beth Perazzo

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 "Just WOW!"

I have been using Mandarin Blueprint for just over a year now and what can I say? Just WOW! I'm the type of guy who struggled at school to learn a foreign language; I was literally one of the worst. It was never my thing. But the MB method has a fun and innovative way to teach Chinese and I'm still amazed how fast I can learn Mandarin using their course.

Gregory Paturau

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"In the past month, doing 20-30 minutes every morning, I've learned way more than the previous YEARS"

Absolutely Amazing Experience

**Stop thinking about it, and sign up now…**

Here's my story:

I've been learning Mandarin on and off in a not-so-serious way for a couple years. Basically just running through a free online app.

I decided to take more serious steps and that's when I signed up for Mandarin Blueprint and set up a daily Chinese session every morning.

In the past month, doing 20-30 minutes every morning, I've learned way more than the previous YEARS.

I really love the insights, and perspective Luke & Phil bring. It's seriously awesome, I feel like I have a team on my side. Again, if you're thinking about it, do it. Stop wasting time. Start building your skills today.

Nathan Holiday

This course is PERFECT for you if…

You’re committed to learning the language for real - from the bottom up

If you’re willing to put in the time every day, follow our instructions, and willing to work to unlock the advanced stuff, in return, we'll make sure you get the kind of results you would have only dreamed of before finding us.

People who only want to be able to read signs, ask basic directions, or just want a few hacks to get by without really learning the language are better off with a phrasebook or google translate.


✅ You’ve tried to learn before with other methods but gave up because it was too hard

Most of our members struggled with other methods before coming to Mandarin Blueprint. Chances are you’ll love us as much as they did.


✅ You’re willing to test a COMPLETELY different kind of curriculum

This is a big one. I can honestly say - with no exaggeration whatsoever - that the Mandarin Blueprint is not like any other course or program you’ve tried before.

The same goes for people who want to speak Mandarin without learning how to read. You’ll benefit more from a class that focuses on speaking.

We build your foundation first, so, it’ll be a while before you’re talking in sentences. Doing it our way gives you a real, long-lasting skill, but it takes a larger time investment upfront. Speaking of time…


✅ You’re willing to put in the time

Mandarin Blueprint is NOT just a quick course you can breeze through in a week. 

Yes, our methods are many, many times more effective than the alternatives, but you’ll still need to put in the work and review the course material every day.

Eventually, you'll need to consume Chinese content on a regular basis, on your own time, and get speaking practice with a tutor.

We’ll do all the boring legwork for you. But at the end of the day, how much progress you make is still up to you.


✅ You’re willing to ask questions, help out the other members and/or share your story

Our community is a big part of the learning experience. Members help each other out.

I won’t stop you if you’re internet-shy (you can remain anonymous anyway), but just know that you’ll progress faster if you just ask someone who’s figured it out already.

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"My family is worried about my mental health :D"

I don’t think I've ever been so completely absorbed in anything in my life, not in decades anyway. My family is worried about my mental health :D

Natalia Kovalenko

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"Thank you a thousand times"

Truly grateful for your effort in creating Mandarin Blueprint for us. Thank you a thousand times.

Leila Lee

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"I've made more advances in the past 3 months than everything prior to this"

An excellent language learning program. After trying to learn Mandarin on and off for 15 years, I've made more advances in the past 3 months than everything prior to this.

Roger Milford

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" I can surely say that I enjoy every single second of every lesson"

I can’t think of a better way to learn Chinese than Mandarin Blueprint, literally since the first lesson I took I understood everything with such ease thanks to the short and amazing explanation I received. I can surely say that I enjoy every single second of every lesson. :)

Kevin Rodriguez

A final reminder of what you’re getting

  • An easier and more fun way to learn Mandarin, which has been proven to work so many times better than taking classes. Don't take my word for it - ask any of the thousands of MB members who are making headway as we speak.

  • Our members can learn the 1,500 most common characters in months (even weeks) instead of years. They do this using the same learning techniques as World Memory Champions - Dominic O’Brien, Wang Feng, Alex Mullen, and others.

  • A proven learning pathway that has helped propel members to HSK success in 25% of the average time, and outrageously boost their career prospects.

  • Members love our "Hanzi Movie Method" for learning characters and tones. Learn how to read, write, and pronounce any Chinese character in seconds, and remember it forever using people and places from your own memories. No boring drills or mind-numbing memorization exercises.

  • Every single question and comment answered, most on our weekly podcast. By two fluent non-native Chinese speakers who've faced the same challenges you're facing now. It's like having a personal coach for any trouble with grammar, pronunciation, writing, or learning methodology.

  • Over 4,500 lessons covering 94% of everyday real-life Mandarin (and growing) giving you total confidence that you won’t be greeted with a blank stare or baffled look when you open your mouth to speak

  • A friendly, engaged, committed, worldwide community of thousands of members to help, cajole, and advise you through the tough moments but celebrate and cheer the milestones.

  • With our "optimal character learning order" (OCLO), you'll never see anything you aren't 100% ready to acquire for a smoother journey. This patent-pending learning sequence is way more efficient, allowing our members can drop translation and pinyin 90% faster.

  • Our 11,000+ multimedia flashcards help you retain what you learn in the most efficient way possible. No exams necessary
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Clear & Simple Video Instruction

Short, simple, bite-sized lessons for the busy learner. Every minute is packed with information.

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11,000+ Multimedia Flashcards

Our flashcards are powered by spaced repetition for ultimate learning efficiency. They do the remembering so you don't have to.

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Warm and Helpful Community

Practice with thousands of passionate and supportive members at your level, providing your very own support group

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Exclusive, expanding

New lessons and techniques added every week so you keep getting better no matter what fluency level you’re at

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We answer your questions both on the course and on our podcast, so you always feel like you have your very own language coaches

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Integrated, Linear
Learning System

Our step-by-step process removes all the confusion, boredom, and stress, so you can just focus on getting rapid results

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Our 100% unique and battle-tested language acquisition system simplifies a highly complicated language.

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Gamified Course

Learning made fun no matter where you are in the course so you stay motivated and progress faster

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"They are so passionate about teaching Mandarin that they seem to be providing 1-1 tuition."

I would recommend Mandarin Blueprint wholeheartedly.  The Hanzi Movie Method which sits at the heart of the course really works.  It allows you to deal holistically with learning all the elements of, what can seem at first glance, a pretty impenetrable language very efficiently and in a way that is so personal that it feels as if you are teaching yourself.

That is a great feeling, but I cheerfully acknowledge that it is only because of all the hard work that has been put in behind the scenes in structuring, designing, and maintaining the course that my progress seems so positive.

The way that the course is structured makes it easy to see how much progress you are making, and that progress is all forward because of the thoughtful way in which the course has been put together.

I have learned to trust the Mandarin Blueprint method and if I am given a character to learn, I feel confident that there is an extremely good reason for that character to be presented at that particular time in that part of the course.

Luke and Phil do an excellent job, and they are so passionate about teaching Mandarin that they seem to be providing 1-1 tuition.

I get a lot out of my daily practice, but they provide a lot of advice on how to get even more out the lessons and to boost your progress.

I have barely scratched the surface of the resources that they provide. But, I have plenty of time - Mandarin Blueprint has led me into an endlessly fascinating hobby which has given me a window into a whole new world.  I'm going to be enjoying learning Mandarin for years and years to come.

There are cheaper resources out there - and I use some of those myself to widen my exposure to Mandarin - but you get what you pay for.  The Mandarin Blueprint Method works and once you see how much Phil and Luke have put into this course you will see it as good value.

Kevin Jackson

P.S. A final message from me to you

What is the real risk of not investing in The Mandarin Blueprint Method?

Of course, you could take the money you would have invested in our course and use a few $10/month Chinese apps, or a string of native-speaking tutors, or a pile of textbooks. 

But guess what? 

After your money and time is spent, there is a strong chance you will not be fluent or literate in Chinese.


Our methods are backed by top linguistic research and have been proven to work in real life for the tens of thousands of members using Mandarin Blueprint right now. Don’t take my word for it, just see the testimonials.

But say you decide NOT to try Mandarin Blueprint. What happens then?

You might still succeed (I hope you do). But it’s going to be a much longer, more difficult journey.

You’ll almost certainly need to slog your way through at least a dozen textbooks.

Every other method we’ve seen will ask you to write out characters over and over until you’ve memorized them. 

One of our members wrote each character for 40 pages and still couldn’t remember them for longer than a week.

Most students hire a native tutor and take group classes. They can range from kinda-pricey to “holy-moly that’s expensive”. 

And even if you are happy to spend that kind of money, most learners struggle with native speakers because they never seem to know HOW to acquire Chinese.

Not to put a damper on all the other methods, but 9 in 10 students quit Mandarin in their first year. Go figure.

Before Mandarin Blueprint, I did all this myself. The result?

I’d basically memorized lots and lots of words. Which was great...

Except for when I wanted to use them. Which was pretty much all the time.

I retained almost nothing, lost over a year of my life, and nearly bankrupted myself.

Every time I met a non-native with great Mandarin I felt more than a teensy bit jealous. 

“What do they have that I don’t? What makes them so special?”

If I hadn’t met Phil, and we hadn’t stumbled across the right path together, perhaps I would have gone the rest of my life believing I was a failure…

…That I didn’t have the talent or discipline to learn Mandarin.

And so the journey of Mandarin learning ends for almost everyone, and quite possibly you too.

In moments like these, it may never occur to you that the tipping point was within reach this whole time. 

This course could have been your secret weapon, just like it is for thousands of others.

By all means, make your own way through the world. Use whatever tools are at your disposal. Use the learning methods that work best for you.

I don't want to push you into buying something you don't want. If I did, I’d be the one who’d have to deal with the poor testimonials and refunds.

I'm simply offering you a way to save a lifetime of blind shots in the dark and perpetual second-guessing, of avoiding months and years of hard work that gives you the illusion of progress but not much else.

The Mandarin Blueprint Method is NOT a series of memory gimmicks. 

It is NOT an illusion of progress.

It’s a complete curriculum to take you from zero to true literacy and fluency.


Once you’re done with this course, you won’t need to use any other learning resource ever again. 


You’ll be consuming native Chinese content and practicing with tutors all on your own. 

You won’t just be “learning Chinese” like everyone else. You’ll be “living Chinese”.

And to prove this to you, I'll take all the risk and let you try Mandarin Blueprint for 30 days.

Test drive Mandarin Blueprint, and if it’s not for you, then no harm no foul.

Just send me an email and I’ll refund your money immediately. 

The Journey is Still Long, But the Path is Now Easy

Mandarin is still a mountain you must climb, but the path is paved, the map is clear, and you have two expert sherpas to guide to every step of the way. Just hit “Play”, follow our instructions, and become fluent and literate in Mandarin Chinese faster than you ever thought possible.


Now, it’s time for that first step…

Choose Your Plan



Lifetime access to The Mandarin Blueprint Method Full Bundle, including all 4,527 lessons, bonuses, and training materials


A Single Payment of:



Start Learning



Full access to The Mandarin Blueprint Method Full Bundle for the length of your subscription


A Monthly Subscription of:




Start Learning



Lifetime access to The Mandarin Blueprint Method Full Bundle, including all 4,527 lessons, bonuses, and training materials


12 Monthly Payments of:



Start Learning
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30-Day Guarantee

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"If you try it I guarantee you'll never look back"

The Mandarin Blueprint Method has given me the three best things anyone can have when they set out on a language learning journey. The enthusiasm to learn, the confidence that they can make it, and the ideal tools to do so.

The passion the creators have injected into their course is palpable and makes learning from them a wonderful experience and more enjoyable than I could have ever guessed was possible.

I hands down recommend this course. If you try it I guarantee you'll never look back.

Liam Llamazares

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"It really is life-changing!"

Luke & Phil have developed a truly amazing system of learning Chinese. And, what's even better is that they have made it FUN to learn! I started 4 months ago doing both the Pronunciation and the Hanzi Writing and cannot believe how much progress I've made! I've gone from thinking that Chinese is the most difficult language in the world to learn to realising that it is probably one of the easiest.

Thank you so much to both of you for putting together The Mandarin Blueprint Method. It really is life-changing!

Michael Roberts

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"I cannot recommend this highly enough to do it justice"

I cannot really describe how great this technique is and how amazing these guys are at explaining it! I cannot recommend this highly enough to do it justice. If you have ever wanted to learn Mandarin but have felt intimidated by it (who hasn't, lol) these guys can take away that fear so easily with their method!

Drew Hutto

Disclaimer: For best results, follow our instructions closely and finish your flashcard reviews every day. This is essential. We’ve made every effort to represent accurately the products we offer and their potential. However, we and our materials make no guarantee of results, as there are simply too many factors at play that differ from person to person. Where a testimonial suggests or states results of any kind, you should not expect the same results unless your energy and time investment into the course are exactly as the testimonial-giver.